March 21, 2023

Ex-FIA president Max Mosley died from self-inflicted gunshot wound – Motorsport. com

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Westminster Coroner’s Court has heard that former FIA president Max Mosley died last May from “significant injuries consistent with a gunshot wound”.

The 81-year-old, who presided over the FIA from October 1993 in order to October 2009, was found dead at his home in London on 23 May 2021.

British media has reported that Westminster Coroner’s Court noticed that Mosley “was receiving palliative care for lymphoma” after being diagnosed in 2019. It also heard that he had shared his plans and left a suicide note.

Police were called to Mosley’s house upon 23 Might and officers found Mosley on his bed with a shotgun.

“It was obvious he had used the shotgun to himself and endured the life-ending injury, ” said the coroner, who ruled that Mosley’s death has been a committing suicide. “It’s clear he had injuries not compatible with life. ’”

Mosley had been getting treatment for the lymphoma since Oct 2019 but the focus of the cancer treatment had switched to improving his quality of life from April 2021. It was believed he did not really have long to live.

The Mirror reported that will Dr Christopher McNamara, a consultant haematologist who had been treating Mosley with regard to the lymphoma since October 2019, stated: “He emailed me on 22 May 2021, these were questions about the management from the condition. He had accepted this would not be cured.

“He was extremely upset as his quality of life was poor and remaining him uncomfortable. He previously expressed ideas of committing suicide to myself and other members of the team previously. ”

It is understood the family also submitted the written statement.

Mosley, a former lawyer and amateur racer, formed March Engineering in 1969 with Robin Herd, Alan Rees plus Graham Coker. The group scored three Formula 1 victories, but found far greater and longer lasting success within lower formulas.

Mosley quit in 1977 and combined with Bernie Ecclestone to run what was known as F1CA, then FOCA (Formula One Constructors Association).

He departed this role in the end of 1982 to try and enter politics yet returned in order to motorsport because president from the FIA’s manufacturers’ commission four years later. In 1991, Mosley defeated Jean-Marie Balestre to become president associated with the Federation Internationale du Sport Automobile, and in 1993, took over since president of the FIA.

Mosley received great credit for enhancing safety within F1 and motorsport as a whole during their 16-year term as chief executive, and furthermore endeavoured to reduce costs and make the sport more environment-conscious as ‘green’ issues became ever-more important.

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